Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

As summer is just around the corner, you may be trying to plan out what you and your child will be doing once school is out. There are a lot of activities to try and beat the boredom that sometimes emerges without school to attend. While there a lot of options, you should send your child to CCPAC summer dance camp in ajax. In this video and below, there are three reasons why you should send your child to summer dance camp.

Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer CampReason #1: Personal Growth

Research from the Summer Camp Research Project shows positive outcomes in personal growth areas: social integration, attitudes toward physical activity, self-confidence and personal development, environmental awareness, emotional intelligence. Furthermore, this positive development at camp is transferred to the campers' home environments.

Reason #2: Learn New Skills

Camps allow children to experience a range of activities that can teach them life skills, discover new talents or interests, and socialize with other children.

Reason #3: Improve Leadership

Leadership is developed and promoted through games, discussions, and role-playing activities that allow children to understand their own abilities and interests. Camps provide children with the safe space to try new things, make mistakes, learn resilience and try again. This helps develop leadership skills like conflict resolution, teamwork, problem-solving & social development, positive feedback, and praise.


Summer dance camp in Ajax will beat the boredom of summer while providing your children with valuable skills to grow. Our camps start July 5 and will run for 8 weeks (The last camp week starts Aug 23) with a new theme each week. Click this link to learn more about our dance  or email us at info@creativeconnexions.ca


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