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This is our Monthly Newsletter to keep you updated!

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Friday, February 12th - P.A Day: Studio Open

Sunday, February 14th - Valentine's Day:

                                          FREE Romance and Rumba ~ 6 pm - Valentine's Day Event Adult Dance Class

                                                      Register Here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYsc-CorzkvG9PAYSuocCD_P0X6fnJBc4oP

Monday, February 15th - Studio Closed for Family Day


Emerson Katzman - February 3rd

Fiona Quayle - February 4th

Adriana Barroso - February 9th

Savannah Covin - February 10th

Avaya Parsons - February 12th

Isabelle Hopkin - February 12th

Ariana Lessard - February 15th

Makayla Miller - February 17th

Anisha Sivaranjan - February 25th


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Copy of Romance

** NO Class Monday, February 15th for Family Day **

Break News - We are now in the RED ZONE

In-Person classes will be starting back officially from Saturday, February 20th, 2021. If there are any changes to your in-person schedule you will be receiving a separate email. We will be continuing the online program in alignment with in-person classes for anyone who chooses to stay online. We will continue to serve all our families in any way we can and hope you are as excited to see us as we are you! An in-person schedule and a re-confirmation of the online schedule will be sent out by Tuesday. Please continue with the online classes for this week and keep an eye on communications. 


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