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Our Company in Ajax

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Our Goal

It is our goal to cultivate creativity in children, one amazing child at a time!

Our Mission

CCPAC is committed to showing the value of hard work, perseverance and community through our classes and programs and our teachers strive to help each student work towards their best potential.  

It’s more than just dance…

Our Vision

We believe in having an innovative but reliable experience of high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive level. We reinforce coordination, creativity, self-confidence, and a healthy mind and body. We believe that with the right guidance and support, every student can achieve their personal goals while developing lasting and supportive relationships. 

Our Values

  • Inclusion: Our motto is "Every Body Can Dance". Dance includes everyone of all ages & abilities; judgement free.

  • Discipline: We believe in order to achieve great things you must be dedicated, committed and develop a killer work ethic! Progress over perfection!

  • Respect: Respect for the dancers, the parents, the teachers, the school, & respect and appreciation for arts.

  • Community: Our dance studio is our family! We offer family friendly performances including age appropriate music, costumes and dances. Our dance school is a community of like minded individuals. We are proud to offer local community performances. 

  • Artistry: To develop, improve and refine performance and technical skill of the dancer. --- Develop Refined Artistry and develop a passion for dance education and foster a love for learning in our student.

  • Personal Growth: To connect the student's mind, body and spirit developing our students from a holistic mindset