25 Impressive Benefits of Dance for Kids

Have you ever noticed that children love to dance? Creativity and self-expression are vital to your child’s well-being, and dancing is a fun way to get your child to be active.

Dancing has so many pros, from physical fitness to boosting confidence and creativity. But how do you encourage it?

Your child doesn’t have to become a master dancer, but there are too many advantages to ignore. Here’s how to get your child to reap the benefits of dancing.

Is Dance Education on the Decline?

Why has ar…

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Twirling, dancing and skipping around is what little girls do, right? Many girls started their self-directed dance careers almost as soon as they could walk; pirouetting through the store and practicing tendus along the curb. As soon as a child turns three, they can be enrolled in recreational ballet classes. Kids can learn many important things by taking ballet such as following instructions and improving balance and coordination. Additionally, a ballet class is great exercise and a fun excuse …

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READ: Twelve Things to Ask When Choosing a Dance Studio in Ajax

Families have lots of choices when selecting a dance studio in Ajax. One of the first things many parents ask is, “How much will dance classes in Ajax cost?” But there are many equally if not more important things to consider when selecting a school.  Here are a few questions to ask before enrolling your child at a dance studio in Ajax.

1. Are the instructors qualified? 

One of the first things to ask when selecting a dance studio in Ajax is the qualifications of the dance instructors employed…

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Our Dance Testimonials in Ajax


My daughter throughly loves this dance studio! She is more active and outgoing since joining. Most of all I love how she feels comfortable to express herself in class while enjoying it! Highly recommended dance studio!


Creative Connexions is literally a part of my daughter's life. the team is fully engaged with her and her needs to ensure that her dance is experience is awesome. I know nothing about dance, so they help her get all the gear and equipment she needs with little to no fuss.


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Our Ajax Dance Community


masssecretgarden1Learn how our outstanding community contributes each and everyday.

1: Our community contributes to advancing our goal "Cultivating creativity in children, one amazing child at a time"

2: Our community finds events where we can showcase our students and talents.

3: Our community uses social media in a positive way to demonstrate how dance changes our lives

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Our Dance Students in Ajax


excited ballerinaThe top 12 things our BEST students do everyday at the studio.

1: Arrive to class early or on time.

2: Attend lessons each week.

3: Always dressed appropriately in dance attire.

4: Never use electronics during class.

5: Always pay attention.

6: Avoid socializing during class.

7: Team up to clean up.

8: Label everything.

9: Refrain from touching the mirrors.

10: Treat equipment and props with respect.

11: Use manners at all times.

12: Dance their hearts out at every class.

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Our Dance Parents in Ajax


IMG_0865Our superstar parents do these 12 things to contribute positively to our studio community.

1: Sign-up for AutoPay with a credit card upon registration.

2: Commit to the recital early.

3: Respect our studio lobby.

4: Are supportive adult role models for everyone.

5: Encourage your child to be the best student they can be.

6: Maintain a quite and respectful waiting room.

7: Team up to clean up.

8: Take their child to the bathroom before class.

9: Keep snack and drinks until the end of cla…

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Our Dance Classes in Ajax


72322246_2277843288986889_5236306741532033024_oWatch every class and celebrate every precious moment!

Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre in Ajax is the perfect place for your child to dance! We offer lessons for children as young as two up to children graduating high school in our recreational and competitive programs.

Our lessons are taught by quality Creative Connexions curriculum trained teachers who have a sincere love of children and who are overjoyed to share their passion of dance with your child.

Most importantly, Creative…

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Our Dance Company in Ajax


Our Goal

It is our goal to cultivate creativity in children, one amazing child at a time!

Our Mission

CCPAC is committed to showing the value of hard work, perseverance and community through our classes and programs and our teachers strive to help each student work towards their best potential.  

It’s more than just dance…

Our Vision

We believe in having an innovative but reliable experience of high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive level. We rei…

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What Parents are Saying?


See all the styles of dance that we have to offer:


Ballet - just hearing that world summons the image of graceful dancers performing Classics like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. As the leading provider of ballet dance classes for kids in Ajax, Creative Connexions realizes that ballet forms an essential part of all types of dance. At our dance studio, your child will discover proper posture and discipline while being thought the basic and fundamentals of dance thro…

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